Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Older & Wiser

I just celebrated my birthday yesterday and I came to realize that my youthful exuberance is gradually being replaced by some old goat with suspenders on his jeans. I have not fallen into the fashion trend of our youngsters and choose not to have my pants exposing my Superman-themed drawers. I think age brings a degree of practicality.

I quit smoking years ago because being cool was not compatible with breathing, climbing stairs and ladders or listening to a nagging spouse spew her disgust endlessly. I quit drinking because my aging body declared an impasse and started yelling, "You quit or I will." My innards still haven't totally forgiven me for pickling them.

I began to remember the good ol' days when I could get away with such shenanigans with no consequence. I was one of those guys that was incensed by having to go outside to smoke. Now the smell of it gags me. The same reaction happens with the smell of booze.

So now, I celebrate having a great family and enjoy the benefits of a fine cup of coffee or juice with the benefit of no morning-after hangover and all of my wits about me, meager as they are. I hope that if you're on the road to wisdom you'd consider what I've said. We ain't gettin' any younger!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Awaiting the Early Throes of Winter

All-in-all the weather has generally been decent most of the Fall around here, but the weather guy says that's about to change tomorrow or so. Some big blast from Siberia and Alaska is supposed to drive evening temps into the 20's and the daytimes will be just above freezing. So much for easing into Winter.

We can't complain too much. The middle of the country is getting hammered as I write this. The place I visited in July is hovering in the single digits now. It was 103 when I was there and people were scrambling for ways to cool off.

It's no wonder the neighborhood squirrels and rabbits have been out in force looking for food to store. This might just be a long, cold winter. I think I'll follow suit and stock up on hot chocolate mix. I hope the power stays on for Thanksgiving. Frozen giblets just don't appeal to me at all!