Thursday, September 27, 2012

Here comes another one!

For those of you who like western Indian tribes, you might like the new book I'm working on now. It centers around the Mountain Shosone Tribe north of Yellowstone - the Sheepeaters - in a present day story about a young ranch hand named Eli Washakie, named after a famous Shosone Chief.

Of course there's trouble afoot and Washakie's got to help his boss, Sourdough Severson overcome big hurdles to survive and save his herd inspite of an incompetent Sheriff. Washakie will have to use everything he learned growing up. His boss isn't exactly the shy, retiring type either. Between the two of them, they have stepped up their odds to that of a snowball's chance in Hell, but don't count out Jethro, Percy and Queenie to whittle them down even more.

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