Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Rabbits and Squirrels are Confused!

I've had a few of these small, furry critters running around in my back yard all winter. I've been noticing of late that I'm either seeing double or triple, or the small, fuzzy population is expanding rapidly. No babies -- just grown ups playing ring around the scotch broom and raiding the bird feeder, much to the chagrin of those it was meant for. Don't they know it's not spring yet?

Who knew that a squirrel could stretch out at full body length from a 4x4 post and reach to a feeder without falling? Who knew that the rabbits liked bird seed as much as the squirrels and birds? They just wait on the ground for seeds to spill over. Who knew that birds can be very protective of their food source and aren't afraid to gang up and buzz a human enmasse?

Even ol' Rollie Dawg has pretty much resigned himself to half-hearted chases, knowing that there's no way that he can catch any of these speedsters.  Sometimes his old nemesis, the rabbits, still taunt him and stay several feet ahead of him when he does get up the gumption to chase one.

Spring will no doubt bring much mirth among the creatures. The old will tell stories to their young and teach them all of the tricks to stay ahead of the dog and oblige the two-legged giant to take many pictures.

It'll be a quick way to fill up a memory card!


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