Friday, April 12, 2013

Sometimes Writing Takes A Back Seat

When does a writer not care about writing? When the pup he raised is hanging onto his life by a thread. Ol' Rollie Dawg is known for being stubborn at times and this is one of those times it may be the thing keeping him alive. He's got some type of blood disease that cropped up a few days ago and is at the vet's endeavoring to endure.

Me? I've been gut shot. I thought I'd lost him yesterday, but he made it through the night and is a little perkier today, which doesn't necessarily mean things are better, but hope is hope.

If there ever comes a time when he is back beside my chair as I write, I shall take every opportunity to let him know he's my bud and keep a few extra treats on hand. It's awfully quiet around here.

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