Sunday, May 18, 2014

A New Experience

I mentioned in another of my blogs my trip to Northwest Trek yesterday, May 17th. I have noticed lately that my knees and hips aren't as forgiving as they were when I was eighteen. This is no doubt due to my allergy related to exercise, but the discomfort is there nonetheless.

I have had a carved walking stick in my truck for awhile now, thinking that one day I would be doing more hiking in the woods. Yesterday I looked at the carved yew wood stick and had a moment of brilliance.

What better way to practice with said walking stick than to use it on the hilly terrain of the animal park? Besides that, I would wear my S'Klallam bear claw ball cap and make a statement about my author hood for anyone who asked.

I'm a tall man. This stick fit me like a cane, thus everybody and their brother made it a point to open doors for me and all of the accouterments associated with an old coot - something I hadn't thought of. The other main advantage was that it helped me putter around the grounds with much less discomfort associated with balance. Why hadn't someone thought about this before?

Oh, that would have been me and my vanity, calling it something it wasn't - a walking stick instead of a cane. By the time my visit was completed and ate my bison burger, I even had enough energy left to replace the walking stick reverently back to its place behind the headrests of the back seat and then hoist my weary legs into the truck. The next outing might be someplace like the mall where I can also club anyone trying to grab an item I have my eye on.

Vanity cured.


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