Friday, March 30, 2012

April? Already?

You know it's spring when you look up from your keyboard and discover your hair has grown long and you look like a hermit that has inhabited a snow cave for the winter! It has been productive, though: one book published on Amazon (Song of the Unsung) and one being published by Champagne Books due out this coming December (Buffalo Hump). I'm still working on the planning stage of perhaps putting out SOTU's sequel sometime this year, too. It's title is tentatively Arctic America.

I'm currently working on my fourth manuscript, Hollow Point, and am about half way through it. Hopefully, it will be ready for submission by the end of the year.

I appreciate all of the positive comments I've received for SOTU! I have found that all the research for the book has paid off (plus I don't want to start any tribal wars and have the Inupiat knocking at my door, so I figured I'd better get the majority of my facts right).

Next time I'll throw in a few tidbits from one of the books. They all have to do with Native Americans in today's and/or tomorrow's world.

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  1. Welcome back to the world Gary! Sounds like you've had a productive winter. The books sound terrific.