Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Week of Learning

I've been involved in a web seminar that is eye-opening for a new author. While the business end is enlightening, I find that the writing end is much more enriching of the mind and spirit. Both are necessary to achieve success, but my readers will have to decide whether they like my stories in the end.

My goal is to give the reader a chance to enjoy a few moments of 'what if.' I hope you find a pleasant repose in the Native American side of fiction writing.



  1. I'm with you! Writing the story is so much better than trying to sell it. Good luck with your atuhor adventures. Do you have firefighting in your Native American stories?

    1. Hi Linda! Most, if not all of the stories have more paramedic-related insights, although the one I'm writing now does have a bit. Thanks for asking!