Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Lot Happens In A Week

It seems like I just wrote about the very nice review I received on Song of the Unsung. Wouldn't you know it, I received another one the past few days as well. It seems that some folks don't know where to leave comments on the books, so here are the easiest two: and I would appreciate the input. It helps me to be a better writer if readers tell me how I'm doing. Thanks in advance!

I have also started a new website at and a twitter account at Of course, you can still find me at my Gary Eddings, Author page on Facebook, too.

Gee, maybe THAT's where the week went. I've been bouncing around to all of those like a yoyo. I suppose I should start doing some actual writing before I forget how. I still have three other projects in the hopper.

On a personal note, my Grandson Waylon will be celebrating his first birthday in the next couple of weeks, so I may be sneaking away for a bit. Grandpa's got to go birthday shopping. It's a good thing I have a pickup truck!

Have a great week!

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