Thursday, January 10, 2013

Who Was The Idiot That Thought Winter Was A Slow Time?

Here it is, the second week of January and the computer keys haven't stopped clicking yet. So many things to write about. So much research to be done. So many plans for where to go when the weather improves to learn more about the people I'm writing about.

Do I take a car, plane, train or bus? Do I stay in motels or campgrounds? Do I rob banks to pay for it all? The alternatives are endless.

Buffalo Hump has been out for a month now and available in all of the major e-reader formats. Those I know who have read it seem to like it and that's a nice feeling!

I even received a very nice e-mail from a reader of my first book, Song of the Unsung, who wanted me to write more on the same subject because he enjoyed it so much that he told all of his coworkers about it.

Slowly, but surely, the word is getting out there. Now that we're past all of the major New Years Resolutions, here's a more doable one: get a copy of Buffalo Hump and read it. It won't change your body mass index, but it'll be a nice alternative to painful situps!

Enjoy escaping into the wilds of Central Idaho!

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