Monday, March 11, 2013

Lookee Here!

Both Song of the Unsung and Buffalo Hump are now listed on That's an easy place to review them once they've been read. I plan to add Heart of the Unsung when it is released as well!

All of the books are or will be available as e-books. Song of the Unsung is also available in paperback, as will Heart of the Unsung, both from Buffalo Hump is available from

Deep Breath: Phew!

Hollow Point, a story about the Suquamish, is currently being reviewed by editors.

The Sheep Eater, a story about the Mountain Shoshone is being written and sits at 30,000 words, shooting for 80+.

Then there are the other ideas for stories...I think my brain might need a retread before too many more start oozing out like sap in the Spring!


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