Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Hunting Ground

At a recent writers conference I attended, I noticed that a lady at my table asked for a vegetarian meal and got some sort of pasty-looking veggie pot pie while I ate chicken breasts and potatoes. That got my inquisitive little brain working.

How many Native American cultures embraced vegan cuisine in the old days? My guess is, "not too many." Sure, they gathered nuts, berries and roots, but their main source of protein was meat; whether it was deer, mountain sheep, grouse, turkey, antelope, fish, seal, whale or bison.

The whole idea was probably to have enough energy to chase the next meal down and feed the family. Carrots and wild rice didn't have enough umph to get the job done. Neither did corn.

So where did all of this "healthy" veggie stuff come from? Now we find out that wheat and sugar supposedly aren't good for a body. Whole milk is out. Vitamin and electrolyte water is in (wonder what the tribes did without Gatorade).

I think the ancients would have labeled these type of folks unkindly and quite possibly crazy in the head. It's impossible to get a good vegetable casserole in the dead of winter, after all.

Even hard-core vegetarians use protein supplements. What's the point? A wolf or grizzly would eat you without a second thought and we're higher on the food chain than they are, so chew on that as you munch your kale salad!

Someone's logic is haywire.


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