Sunday, July 7, 2013

No Disrespect Meant

Considering the events of the past few weeks, it would be extraordinarily easy to focus on those in a blog like this. I have free latitude to write just about anything that comes to mind, whether from a philosophical soapbox or subject matter having to do with my genre of writing. I'm not the conscience of my readers, though.

I will normally try to allow you to gather insights of news worthy significance elsewhere except when it strikes home directly to me. I will retain that right because, well, it's my blog!

We've lost wildland firefighters (my son is one in the USFS), we've lost airline passengers, a new Miss Washington chosen (my middle daughter was one in '06), we've had senseless murders, countries overthrown, etc. I'm sure you can see the balancing act necessary to keep to my subject and those of current events proportional.

I want to remain focussed on the purpose of my blogs -- telling the reader about the things transpiring in my world of writing and some of the personal notes that contribute to my sense of story telling. Therefore, if something considered "big" happens and I don't blog about it, it is not that I don't care. There are generally others who serve in that function. I'm just an author who tells stories.


Oh, and "The Sheep Eater" is coming along nicely. I'm 54,000 words into the story and things are about to get out of hand!

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