Sunday, August 18, 2013

And It Begins: The Backbone of the World

This novel will center around the Blackfoot tribe of Montana (Niitsitapii) in the area known to them as "the backbone of the world" - The Continental Divide. This area is wild and prime grizzly habitat, particularly The Badger Two Medicine that is seldom set foot on by humans except those seeking a vision. The Badger Mountains cover an area of about 130,000 acres of jagged peaks and winding rivers and are sacred to the Blackfoot. The Thunder God resides there.

The main character has lived in the Divide's foothills all of his life, about 15 miles from Browning, the Reservation's biggest town. He's a loner and not inclined to be neighborly. More people know of him than know him personally. He's been in the tribal jail a few times for ending fights someone else usually started. He has backwoods skills that few other Blackfoot members possess. He is feared by the people, yet fiercely loyal to his tribe and system of beliefs.

The most unlikely of events is going to alter his reputation forever. The Thunder God may not be pleased.


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