Sunday, August 25, 2013

How Do You Make A Living In A Place With Nearly 70% Unemployment?

Rance's father had it all figured out. For years he brewed and sold moonshine from his homemade still in the woods behind their cabin. Business was good. It was so good that the still was retrofitted to a larger size several times to keep up with demand.

Of course, the sale of bootleg alcohol was forbidden on the Rez, but it didn't seem to stop the traffic to get it. A lot of government assistance checks were cashed and used to acquire the tonsil-scorching liquid in a jar, much to the chagrin of many a housewife.

Rance was a hard worker for his dad. In return, his father taught him everything he knew about the woods in between beatings and verbal assaults growing up. His old man was a mean drunk, even with money in his pocket.

One day that all changed and Rance was alone and became his own man. He was recruited for a man hunt into the woods by the government in spite of his own anti-social mannerisms. It would change his life and the days of tending the still for income were left far behind.


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