Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Lesson of the Wounded Blackbear

This is a true story: The names have been changed to maintain the anonimity associated with a big "Oops!"

About this time of year a few years ago during blackberry season, some friends spotted a blackbear near their home out by one of the area lakes. The lady of the house felt that her property and animals were being threatened, therefore she pulled out her large caliber revolver and plugged the bear, sending it scurrying into the brush.

She and her hubby wanted to confirm the kill, so like anyone concerned for their neighbors' welfare, they followed the blood trail, weapons still at ready, husband now packing a rifle as backup. The brush was reportedly thick.

With the stealth of Great White hunters, the couple snuck down the trail. Suddenly, the brush beside them came to life. The blackbear was a bit put off by being shot and started mauling the missus in its displeasure.

Hubby managed to complete the task of euthanizing the beast somehow without hitting the missus, too. Her ordeal ended with several lacerations and probably in need of a change of clothes.

This was somehow posted as a minor story in the local press, possibly because of their standing in the community, but more likely because the two felt a little sheepish about spreading it around that they went after a wounded bear in dense brush by themselves.

In my old haunts I was visited by two blackbears and they ignored me when I shut the back door and hid under my bed. I have blackberries all over my current place and to this day I keep one eye out for another eye that may be out on the other side of the bushes when I'm picking the berries. I'm more than willing to share...or the local wildlife that wants them.

I've got the armament to do them in, but for blackberries? I'll wait until they want something more important, like me!

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