Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Remember The Eyeglasses Incident?

THIS is Lily the culprit. The cushion she was sitting on in this shot was eaten shortly after this was taken. The leather couch behind her is shredded. I don't think I have any more throw pillows and her doggy bed has more stuffing on the floor than in her mattress.

The reason I bring this up is because I saw my optometrist today and told him my woes. He told me that it was common for young dogs to decimate eyeglasses, so don't worry. She'll get over it. It struck me that whenever that happens, he makes money having people purchase another pair. I'll bet he's rooting for the dog!

She's a year old now and she's found her preferred form of communication -- incessant loud barking to the point the neighbors are using words I've never heard them say before. A lot of them are words I've never heard me say before, either.

Don't let her fool you with her cuteness. She uses it to find ways to get in trouble and she's faster than I am. I'm all for adopting pets, but this one saw me coming a mile away. I figure, all told, that I've spent somewhere around $2,000 in property loss and anti-dog tactical gear and spray. She's my best friend...I have to go take my pills now.


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