Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Faster, Easier, Simple DoHickey To Make Your Computer Experience Better

There was a reason I held off on trying to hook up the new modem Xfinity sent to me awhile back. I had to complete some projects before chancing a major glitch that would knock me out of service for a few days.

How do I know this? Because every time I've tried to "do it myself" with easy fixes in the past, I've ended up calling in the service guys who take time to get here and spend a lot more time setting stuff up than the directions said it would take me to do.

When I finally got to the point that I was ready to give it a go, I followed all of the instructions for this new modem that looks just like my Wifi router. I unplugged the old RCA modem and plugged in the new Xfinity modem. I had all of the account numbers and secret handshake codes for the Wifi and everything ready to go.

The PC said, "Oops, Our Bad, we can't make it work. Are you sure you have everything connected?" Double- Triple- Quadruple-checked...still no luck. I noticed the unplugged RCA modem light was still flashing. It had a battery. Check the new battery came with it. Don't know if that is the problem, but still doesn't work.

Reattached the old modem and it works like a champ. The next frustration will be trying to get this figured out with customer service, which will be interesting, since the phones don't work when the old modem isn't plugged in!

I love to write. The rest kind of sucks right now!


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