Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Wish You A Merry Browsing

Yes, I skipped a couple of holidays, but I don't think you'll mind when you read about this. The Pacific Northwest Writers Association will be releasing its 2013 catalogue of PNWA authors and their books on December 2nd! It will be a great way to find out who is writing in the Association and what they've published. You won't even have to wrap the gift! Just download it to your recipient's favorite E-reader format and don't forget to buy one for yourself, too.

I am submitting two books; "Song of the Unsung" and "Buffalo Hump." There will be many others from PNWA authors as well. It sure beats trapsing around stores at the last minute on Christmas Eve!

I hope you take the opportunity to take a peek. The reindeer'll appreciate anything you can do to lighten the load. Keep an eye out on

P.S. You do know the difference between a reindeer and a caribou, right? Read "Song of the Unsung" and find out!


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