Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Taking A Deep Breath

Other than the fact that my abode smells like a dog kennel, I'm filling my lungs to dive into a pre-submission edit of my manuscript, "The Sheep Eater." I'm slowly learning that editors like a writer to have his work honed when he submits it...go figure! It's only taken me four books to work this out in my wee noggin.

I had a revelation when I submitted my most recent edit on "Hollow Point" the other day. Gee, I'll bet the editor would like the same things on my next manuscript, too. And the wheels turned. I have a cheat sheet to help now as well.

Maybe I can get a head start on this one and give my editor less reason to want to physically harm himself. It slows things way down when he does that sort of thing. This time he tried death by a thousand cuts and only made it to one. I'm not even sure that counted because I think it was a paper cut and didn't qualify as self-destructive.

Maybe I should run outside before I take that deep breath. My eyes are watering now and I can't see the PC screen.


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