Sunday, December 8, 2013

Father To A Pretty Smart Cookie

I think Aleah, my youngest's, baby shower I went to yesterday was my second. I always thought this was a girl thing, but the men of the family seemed to have gotten sucked in, maybe in the hope of garnering more presents. That's my suspicious "Dad" mind at work.

So we're all sitting around this room with piles of presents accumulating on nearby tables and out comes my "Squirtly," all decked out in her baby shower costume.

This girl is no bigger than an underdeveloped tadpole, but her current status puts as much out in front of her as most of her mass is normally. I always worry she's going to fall forward onto her nose if she ever tries to stand up straight in her condition.

If she were with a tribe in the old days walking along a path, she would have done some serious damage to the flora and fauna dropping these two chicklets just off the beaten path, not to mention she'd probably scare every wild critter in the neighborhood with her howling. She's small but very loud.

What did her baby shower costume look like?

Pretty creative way to camoflauge Elloie and Kaelee, who should be here in the next 5-6 weeks!

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