Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shameless Seasonal Solicitation

Sometimes it's hard to blow one's own horn without feeling a tad awkward. Fortunately, I was not born with such a hinderance! It's almost Christmas and I have an easy way to help you out a bit, especially if you have a family full of readers who just might like contemporary Native American fiction and don't know it yet. It doesn't even take up any space under the tree!

I'm posting mostly the same information on all of my social media sites so I don't accidentally miss someone. I have three ebooks that are available for your reading enjoyment and none of them take more than two or three minutes to download onto your eReader; Song of the Unsung and Heart of the Unsung on Amazon/Kindle, Buffalo Hump from Champagne Book Group (

The Amazon books are also available in paperback and if you don't mind waiting until after the Holiday Season, Hollow Point will be released on January 6th with Champagne Book Group.

Check out my website at for even more information about my work if you get the opportunity.

I hope you and yours have a great Christmas this year. Don't forget the Reason for the Season!


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