Saturday, March 23, 2013

Smells Are Underrated

Soapbox time: When I watch a TV show or movie, the one glaring thing missing is the smell associated with a scene. I've had enough life experiences to equate certain smells to certain events. I was a firefighter and filled my snoot with all sorts of things I'd prefer to forget, but were essential in recognition of the circumstances.

Some examples come to mind: The first is an injury auto accident and the broken glass and blood smell it emits. The second is the unique, pungent smell of a house fire. Thirdly, the smell of propane leaking under pressure.

Of course, barnyard smells, dead body smells, wet dog smells, and all the rest in a person's life experience drift into memories they have. Reading stories without smells described are almost sterile. It helps add depth to a scene. It can be pleasant or gruesome or some combination in between, but it helps to complete the setting.

Would a viewer or reader be less inclined to be enthralled with a story where the smell of blood, feces and burnt gunpowder is aptly described? At least it might make the scene more memorable, but it might be too realistic. I've smelled awful perfumes like that, too, and the mere mention of cheap perfume causes me to fight off a gag reflex.

There is a balance. That's what good writers do, in my way of thinking. The reader deserves the blanks to be filled in.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Message From Jack Orion From Buffalo Hump

"This retired Irish Firefighter wishes one and all a Happy St. Paddie's Day and that you find your pot of gold where you least expect it, sort of like I did with Pete and my 83 ounce gold nugget up here in the Buffalo Hump country. Go fetch a bottle of fine Irish spirits and we'll have ourselves a jig with the jug!"

Jack...Erin go Bragh!

Note: Never trust an Irishman with a jug. He'll drink it all.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Lookee Here!

Both Song of the Unsung and Buffalo Hump are now listed on That's an easy place to review them once they've been read. I plan to add Heart of the Unsung when it is released as well!

All of the books are or will be available as e-books. Song of the Unsung is also available in paperback, as will Heart of the Unsung, both from Buffalo Hump is available from

Deep Breath: Phew!

Hollow Point, a story about the Suquamish, is currently being reviewed by editors.

The Sheep Eater, a story about the Mountain Shoshone is being written and sits at 30,000 words, shooting for 80+.

Then there are the other ideas for stories...I think my brain might need a retread before too many more start oozing out like sap in the Spring!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Ice Flow Is Buzzing

Rumor has it that HEART OF THE UNSUNG is coming out soon on Amazon and Kindle. Walruses will be fighting tusk and fin to get a copy of this sequel, so you two-legged mammals better get your mukluks on and be ready!