Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Getting Ready For A Blog Tour

I have been asked recently to participate with three other Champagne authors in a blog tour. At first I was thinking, "How Cool," with a vision of travel and meeting the throngs of readers hungry to hear about my new E-book, "Hollow Point." Then I thought, "Wow, that could get expensive fast and I'd have to sell a lot of books at $2.99 a piece to make it worthwhile."

Come to find out, participating in a blog tour has to do with sharing your information about you and your book online. It's not necessary to buy a new wardrobe or airline tickets, although I want to ride in the business class they've been showing in commercials with the reclining bed and workspace not available in coach.

Instead, I'll be sitting at my computer interacting off and on for a couple of weeks, not seeing readers' faces. I could go to work in my BVDs if I wanted and nobody would be the wiser. The only travel involved is moving from the desk to the coffee pot to the bathroom and back to the desk. It wouldn't exactly be a photographic moment except to show off my superhero BVDs.

This is all set to begin from April 14th through May 9th and I'll pass the word along when my turn arrives and where the blog can be found. It should be interesting.

Meanwhile, if you just can't wait for that, you can buy and download a copy of "Hollow Point" on your E-reader and have it ready to go for your next travels. You can find it in the Fiction Section under Suspense/Thriller at www.champagnebooks.com/store.


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