Saturday, March 8, 2014

Today Was A Mixed Bag

I was able to wish a long-time friend I hadn't seen in too long a Happy Birthday today, but she was folded over in pain and bull-headed about not visiting the ER to get some pain relief. That was the worrisome part of the day. I couldn't even administer the traditional birthday swats because she was already whining too loudly as it was. (50 mumble, mumble, mumble of them might have been excessive in her condition).

The good part of the day was being able to get a bunch of the family together to visit and have pizza as we caught up on everyone's news and stories. The twin granddaughters were passed around like proverbial footballs and all was well with the clan. It was pretty special to see Great Grandma holding onto the two of them as they slept. Aleah got a break and just got to relax for awhile.

My future son-in-law's old team even won their first game of the new season at the Clink (Go Sounders). He also did pretty darned good with the babies. He's a natural.

I'm a very fortunate man. God continues to bless me whether I deserve it or not. Sometimes He even provides things to write about, like today! Now I hope He plays the Good Shepherd and herds my friend to get some help soon.


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