Thursday, April 24, 2014


I thought that writing contemporary stories about Native Americans was something worth pursuing when I got started, but things weren't taking off as fast as I had hoped. I love writing and researching and wasn't discouraged, but I wasn't sure how to get my foot in the door and get the word out about them once they were ready to go.

Enter my publisher's senior editor. She asked four of us to participate in a blog tour to get better exposure for our newest books. I'd never been on one before and honestly didn't have great expectations. It was going to be a lot of work and the rewards weren't guaranteed by any stretch, plus it was going to be hitting different blogs for nearly a month. That seemed like a long time to hold my breath.

Lo and behold, the activity started the very first day. People I'd never heard of were signing onto my website and blogs, plus Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. Some were bloggers from the tour and some were interested readers, like one young man from Romania, of all places. Every day the list has grown.

People want to read Hollow Point. One host has already given the book a five star review. Another a five wineglass agreement with the review. This is by far the best promotional avenue I have experienced.

I have no idea how sales are going, but I'm not sure that matters so much right now. I don't need a yacht or a G5 jet for the time being anyhow. I think that what I needed was some validation and I got it on this tour! Stay tuned!


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