Sunday, May 19, 2013

Approved by Lily

I have a new 8 month old puppy that I adopted from the Humane Society Wednesday running around here. She's a Terrier/Border Collie/Lab mix and higher energy than I'm accustomed to with Rollie Dawg.

I have already noticed that she has an impeccable taste in literature. I had a few draft pages of a chapter of Heart Of The Unsung on my desk that she found to be agreeable to her digestive tract. She enthusiastically shredded the pages and was proud of herself for her new-found literary hobby.

She gave a big "paws up" when I collected the ribbons of 20 pound paper strewn across the office and endeavored to devour more before I closed the book on her. If she knew how, she would no doubt give me several stars for the novel because I feed her and she would like that to continue, I'm sure.

Readership comes from many walks of life. I'll take any I can get!


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