Sunday, May 5, 2013

Plugging Along On The Sheep Eater

Currently up to about 39,000 words on my newest work in progress, The Sheep Eater. The main character is a young, college-educated, Shoshone man, Eli "Strong Bow" Walker who works as a ranch hand near Yellowstone National Park on the Montana side.

For a guy and his boss that like to keep to themselves, they sure haven't been very successful lately. Every time they turn around, someone, something or the weather makes their lives more complicated. It's enough to make quiet men irritable.

Sometimes being a Shoshone isn't as romantic as many of the old white man-version stories would have a person believe. Paybacks are ugly and if you're going to spit into the wind, you're likely to get some on you, especially if you're an Indian from the Rez.

Stay tuned!


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