Thursday, May 2, 2013

Looking Out The Window

Inspiration to write comes from the strangest places, sometimes. I found myself looking out over the backyard that ol' Rollie Dawg used to watch over like the Lion King. He'd keep an eye out for his jousting buddies, the rabbits, that taunted him frequently. He never did catch one.

A couple of days ago, Rollie came back to mind as I watched one of the rabbits chowing down on some dandelions. Something caught my eye emerging from under the deck. It was a baby bunny from a new generation who was tentatively exploring its surroundings.

Its momma emerged and sprawled out under a bush looking tired. I could hear her telepathically saying, "You go play now, Junior. Mom needs a nap."

Life goes on and I think Rollie would've approved of the addition to the neighborhood -- a new friend to play chase with. Life does go on. Now the writing should, too. I've got rabbits to support!


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