Friday, January 23, 2015

Kids Do The Darndest Things

Just about the time you begin to get lost in your grief, the reality of life and family rises to provide continuity in the business of living. There are two recent examples that forced us all to remember those that came before us and among us and imparted their gifts upon all of us in one way or another.

The first is my twin granddaughters' first birthday party last Tuesday. They were totally enthralled with all of the hubbub, wolfing down their steamed rice and tofu, laughing and liking the reflections off of their shiny Mylar balloons.

Great Grandpa was beaming from ear to ear and Grandpa enjoyed showing of Kaelee's birthday hat, watching her look like "Who's the guy with the beard wearing my hat?" Then came the obliteration of the birthday cupcakes...classic. It was the girls' first feast of sugar and, if their faces were an indicator, loved it. It was a great party!

Next on the list was Daughter #2 being chosen as the 2015 Young Alumna of the Year for Seattle Pacific University. She and another senior alumna are being honored at a luncheon during the Homecoming Festivities on Feb. 7th. Her Grandpa and I will be among the honored guests at her table (I didn't know that until today).

Now I have to bone up on which fork to stab the salad and the chicken with. I doubt that it would be permissible to pull out my Buck knife to cut the meat, but those flimsy little knives they roll up in your napkin makes diggin' into your meal harder. I guess jeans are out of the question, too. It would be in poor taste to mortify the daughter among all the high-podunks. I think the Father and son will have a good time. At least I can harass my son-in-law and show him how his new family really acts in public!

Count on the kids to lift your spirits...and they don't even realize it!


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