Friday, January 2, 2015

Starting Over

Here we sit; a new year staring us in the face with everyone holding a secret desire hoping for better things to come, even if last year was good for them. Everyone stands around the roulette table of life looking for the big win. No one is 100% satisfied with their current circumstances...a little more would always be acceptable, whatever that "more" is.

The interesting thing to me is that in the whole scheme of life, a cycle of the earth around the sun has little to do with much of anything, yet we start a new year with hope and celebration for better times to come. For some waking up and breathing is considered a blessing. For others it is a curse. Still others are released to their Creator and don't have to worry about any of this whoopdedoo at all anymore and the newborns get to pick up the torch and try to make it through more New Years to come.

Whatever your lot is in life, I hope you have the opportunity to make others' better in the coming years while you're with us before it's your turn to hand off the baton.


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